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  • Editor's Pick | Sustainability solution — Seeq Corp. June 2, 2023
    The Seeq Solution for Microsoft Sustainability Manager enables sustainability teams to extend the power of Microsoft Sustainability Manager to integrate time series process data preparation, analysis, and continuous improvement, reducing the environmental impact of process industry operations.
  • Shifting toward a safer IT industry with more accepted substances June 2, 2023
    Dioxins, halogens, and other toxic substances end up in the natural environment because of improper use in manufacturing and when products are not recycled responsibly in a controlled environment. 
  • Can data centers meet demand sustainably? June 2, 2023
    As the data center industry develops and managers implement innovative new approaches that drive energy efficiency, taking action to reduce environmental impact often also leads to cost savings. 
  • Video | The new crop of colos June 1, 2023
    Jackson Metcalf, critical facilities leader for Gensler, discusses a new trend he’s seeing in the colocation space.
  • Normative launches Net-Zero Community June 1, 2023
    Carbon accounting enables a business to calculate its entire carbon footprint. These calculations can then be used to report climate impact — often to meet ESG or legislative requirements — and to implement effective emissions reductions. 
  • Enclosures — Custom Stainless Enclosures Inc. June 1, 2023
    The primary reason water gets into electrical enclosures today is that users do not close all the quarter turns (closing points) on the enclosure, which is paramount in keeping electrical equipment dry.
  • Centrifugal utility sets — Greenheck May 31, 2023
    Greenheck’s versatile model USF can be utilized in a wide selection of indoor or outdoor and supply or exhaust applications from commercial light and medium-duty general ventilation requirements to those requiring high airflows, such as manufacturing processes, emergency, continuous high-temperature, or grease-laden exhaust.
  • Optical technology innovation drives performance, capacity, and resiliency in cloud infrastructure May 31, 2023
    The demands placed upon optical networks are daunting, but the continuous innovation in optical technology will continue to allow data center optical interconnect infrastructures to deliver the next generation of cloud services.
  • Celebrating 10 years of DE-CIX and Nokia partnership May 31, 2023
    DE-CIX’s and Nokia’s long-standing relationship, which is based on joint research and development efforts and standardization initiatives, has resulted in highly reliable, low-latency, and seamless peering and interconnection services for customers around the world.
  • Biden’s new cybersecurity strategy encourages a mentality of cyber resilience May 30, 2023
    The new Biden strategy seeks to introduce a more coherent collaboration between the CISA, sector risk management agencies, and private sector organizations to improve partnerships at scale. 

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