Policy Watch

Our Mission

The Policy Watch Committee seeks to build up the Data Center Industry by providing a process to deal with issues relevant to the 7x24Exchange D.C. Chapter.

Our Impact

    Increase collaboration with data center industry advocacy groups; make effective efforts to understand the regulatory environment; foster partnerships supportive of the Data Center ecosystem within this Chapter’s sphere of influence.


    Committee Members

    Marshall Sorenson (Chair)
    Phil Baroody (Co-Chair)
    Karen Petersburg (BOD)
    Brian Brobst (BOD)
    Ross Rebraca (BOD)
    Lillian Rivera (BOD)
    Rey Cheatham Banks
    Shaw Hergenrather
    Damien McCants

    Want to get involved?

    Contact us to see how you can get involved with our organization.  We welcome new individual members, member organizations and volunteers for our events.  Also, contact us to add to our organizations committees or board of directors.