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7×24 Exchange in the Heart of the Data Center Capital of the World

The 7×24 Exchange Washington DC Chapter provides an educational forum bringing together Information Services/Technology and Facilities/Engineering/Real Estate of organizations to promote better understanding of the design, implementation and management issues involved in achieving high levels of uninterrupted infrastructure support.


The 7×24 Exchange Washington DC Chapter strives to provide informative, educational programs; remain focused on User’s needs, encourage vendors to add value through their involvement; prohibit direct or overt selling at chapter meetings and maintain a dialogue with the National and other chapters to share information on chapter issues. 

  • Will support 7×24 Exchange national’s mission and abide by its guidelines.
  • Will advance the latest developments in infrastructure reliability by collecting and disseminating statistics, case studies, guidelines, practices and standards for use by its members.
  • Will serve as an open forum to present topics relevant to infrastructure reliability.
  • Will keep its members abreast of related developments in allied professions and market sectors affecting end-to-end reliability of mission critical facilities especially the total convergence of technology.
  • Neither endorses nor permits members to use its meetings or mailing lists to sell or promote their products or services.

RSS Industry News from Mission Critical Magazine

  • Video | The new crop of colos June 1, 2023
    Jackson Metcalf, critical facilities leader for Gensler, discusses a new trend he’s seeing in the colocation space.
  • Normative launches Net-Zero Community June 1, 2023
    Carbon accounting enables a business to calculate its entire carbon footprint. These calculations can then be used to report climate impact — often to meet ESG or legislative requirements — and to implement effective emissions reductions. 
  • Celebrating 10 years of DE-CIX and Nokia partnership May 31, 2023
    DE-CIX’s and Nokia’s long-standing relationship, which is based on joint research and development efforts and standardization initiatives, has resulted in highly reliable, low-latency, and seamless peering and interconnection services for customers around the world.
  • Centrifugal utility sets — Greenheck May 31, 2023
    Greenheck’s versatile model USF can be utilized in a wide selection of indoor or outdoor and supply or exhaust applications from commercial light and medium-duty general ventilation requirements to those requiring high airflows, such as manufacturing processes, emergency, continuous high-temperature, or grease-laden exhaust.
  • Optical technology innovation drives performance, capacity, and resiliency in cloud infrastructure May 31, 2023
    The demands placed upon optical networks are daunting, but the continuous innovation in optical technology will continue to allow data center optical interconnect infrastructures to deliver the next generation of cloud services.
  • Biden’s new cybersecurity strategy encourages a mentality of cyber resilience May 30, 2023
    The new Biden strategy seeks to introduce a more coherent collaboration between the CISA, sector risk management agencies, and private sector organizations to improve partnerships at scale. 
  • Electrical wiring solutions — Legrand May 30, 2023
    PlugTail devices revolutionize commercial wiring installations, offering a remarkable installation speed that is up to five times faster than conventional wiring devices.
  • Hurricane Electric adds new point of presence in Kansas City May 30, 2023
    In 2024 when construction is complete, Kansas City will be the location for the new 1 million-square-foot, $800 million hyperscale data center for Meta, Facebook’s parent company, which will be supplied 100% with renewable energy. 
  • Mission critical events May 29, 2023
    Share your answers with me and the rest of our readers on LinkedIn, and maybe we’ll see you at the next event.
  • ABB’s Power Care helps companies reduce downtime, costs, safety incidents, and emissions May 26, 2023
    With efficiency, safety, and sustainability in mind, ABB upgraded its electrification service agreement to feature advanced services configured by the needs of industry segments and paired with digital solutions to drive productivity savings, improve safety, and ensure compliance. 

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