Community Outreach Committee

Our Mission

Building our best mission critical community, TOGETHER. Working in partnership with our local community through service and education for the improvement of life and lasting change.

Our Impact

    Industry Impact – Proactively partner with members and stakeholders across our industry to maximize effectiveness and minimize duplication of efforts, working as ‘One Unit’, in areas of mutual interest related to matters of outreach and engagement in our communities. Our mission and those we serve benefit more than ever during theses past years with a collective impact.

    Community Impact – Our committee will continue to support individuals and families experiencing adverse events and struggles. We will seek new partnerships and innovative opportunities to collaborate with community partners providing the services most needed by those we serve. We look forward to being a continued resource for our community and will continue to work hand-in-hand, together, to create stronger families and communities.


    Committee Members

    Marshall Sorenson
    Christine Kopp
    Phil Baroody
    Matt Orosz
    Laura Ware
    Kyle Maddox

    Want to get involved?

    Contact us to see how you can get involved with our organization.  We welcome new individual members, member organizations and volunteers for our events.  Also, contact us to add to our organizations committees or board of directors.